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KONKANI-SUDIK (A website for the curious humans)


To eat... Recipes.

1 cup rice,1/2 cup green gramdal or red gram dal,2tsps ghee or cooking oil. 2cloves,1 cm. piece of cinnamon, 1 pinch of turmeric, 3 cups water.
Wash rice and dal together and drain in a colander. Heat the ghee or oil in a vessel and prepare a seasoning adding cloves,cinnamon and turmeric. Add the rice and dal to the seasoning and stir for a few minutes. Add water and salt to taste. Cook on a low fire or in a cooker. [for peas,cauliflower may be added. Instead of cloves and cinnamon,the seasoning may be prepared with mustard seeds,green chillies,asafoetida and turmeric,or with mustard seeds and green chillies only.
1/2 Kg. potatoes,1/2 coconut gratings*, 3 red chillies*, 1 tsp.salt, 2 onions chopped fine, pulp of a small ball of tamarind
(* Ground finely)
Boil ,peel and and cut the potatoes into small pieces. Mix the tamarind pul[ and salt with the ground coconut and chillies. Add the chopped onions and the potato pieces and blend well.
[instead of chopped onions,a seasoning of mustard seeds and asafoetida may also be used.]
Bread pudding
1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cou breadcrumbs, 6 tsps ghee, 10 raisins, vanilla.
Dissolve sugar in milk.Add the bread crumbs,mix well and allow them to soak for one hour. Heat ghee in a vessel.Add raisins when they puff up. Add a few drops of vanilla mixed in a tsp. of milk.Add the soaked bread crumbs. Do not stir it.Then bake the pudding in an oventill it is reddish. Or steam-cook it.
[=From 'RASACHANDRIKA'***=Saraswat Cookery Book :The Saraswat Mahila Samaj,Saraswat Co-op.Bldgs.#B/1 ..Dr.Kashibai Nowrungay MargGamdevi,Mumbai-400007...(India)...]
***Glossary:English,KONKANI,Marathi,Hindi,Kannada :of over
125 words :given in the publication is of particular interest to the students of the aforesaid languages,and those interested in Cookery. ...............................

AAji aass taangeli kitty-party,
Bhaaylya koodant aatn vacche kasshi?......(R)

Pattlaabannaadharnu uttrn jaattli,
Puro jaalle aattn mhonu saangche kasshi?..(1)

Uttrn kaanyi kharchunuyi kharchash naati,
Velaa ugdaaspuni aattn koracho kasshi?.......(2)

'Hye kasshi kelle' anni 'tnye kasshi kartaati',
Bho preeti vishayu sarcho kasshi?............(3)

'Dhayvadyaantule vade ghatti rabtaati'
Haajeri upaay punibaa soddcho kasshi?........(4)

'Ittle bug kellyati,ghaaraachi ve ekkline?'
Nimgilyari purayi khaare saangche kasshi?....(5)

'Ayyo! Ittle ittyaak?''Bho..chad jalle !'
Uttraanichi pot bharlyaari khanvche kasshi?..(6)

Aaji aass ...... (R)

Dedicated to those souls who have to wait in the inner room (maagdal koodaant) while a Kitty-party is 'in progress' in the hall(Bhaaylyaa koodaant)..................



I bought the book 'RASACHANDRIKA' sometime in 1999.

[It is a Focus book-Div.of Popular Prakashan Pvt.Ltd.35c,Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Marg,Mumbai 400034.(India)

I gratefully acknowledge the debt we owe to all those who spent their valuable time to bring out this book 'Raschandrika'...useful to the younger generation as well to the 'Mhaalgades'(elders).......

Dev baren karo saglyangale! Amgele,tumgele saglyangale.

DEV sarvangelo   adhar  j avnu  aass. TAGELE smaran nityak korka.

Konkani   bhashechya pracharak  DEVVAgalechi  sahayy  aass.

For prominent Chitrapur Saraswat glimpses !
SUDKOD - Glimpses [kannada script]