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Konkani -Official language-Goa(India).


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Konkani is the official language of the State of Goa, in India.A lot of work is being done in various parts of India,especially in Goa,Mangalore,Cochin,Mumbai,Mallapur and Bangalore to encourage people to learn and use Konkani language in their everyday life.Universities of Goa,and of Mangalore offer courses in Konkani.(Doctorate Programme,Diploma etc.).Sahitya Akademi awards are given to best Konkani books based on merit.


I ,S.S.Kodkani,am a citizen of India.I speak Konkani ,my mother-tongue ,at home .I also like to converse with other Konkani speaking people in konkani.It is not difficult to learn Konkani language for those whose parents speak Konkani,or whose ancestors spoke this language.

I was in Beynon-Smith High School, Lingraj,Wilson and D.G.Ruparel during my student-days.Later I was in Laxmi College of Commerce.I am an Alumni of NITIE(Powai) and of IIMA(Ahmedabad,India).I have recited my Konkani poems on AKASHWANI(All India Radio,Mumbai,India).I was Jt.Secretary of the Konkani Association of the D.G.Ruparel College,Mumbai in 1954-55.(Shri.Sumant Kelekar was the Joint Secretary from the Arts Stream)

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

I compose Konkani poems without much of a preparation.Various impressions over a period of time impel me write.My command over Konkani vocabulary is not much to talk about,but my urge to say what I want helps me do what I am doing.My poem "Baren Kornu Rabbati" was penned out of this longing for bringing people together by forgetting differences(ineqities of various types).

My interests:Reading(Marathi,English,Konkani)novels,short stories,poems,articles on various topics such as Rational Emotive Therapy (R.E.T.),Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAPP),etc. Taking long walks. Writing Konkani poems,bringing people together for constuctive endeavours.

My favourite magazine:Kanara Saraswat .
I liked the following movies:Pyaasa (Gurudatt),Sanskar(Girish Karnad),Sholay(Amitabh and Dharmendra),Golmal(Amol Palekar,Utpal Dutt),Gone with the wind(Clark Gable) all old films.I also liked Lagaan (Amirkhan).

I liked "kosla" (Bhalchandra Nemade),"Batatyachi Chal"(Pu.La.Deshpande),"Jigsaw"(Ramdas Bhatkal).

Music:Bhimsen Joshi,Ravishankar,Bismillakhan.
Lata Mangeshkar,Asha Bhosale,Suman Kalyanpur,Manik Varma.