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Let us learn!

Word Knowledge

Basic knowledge
Commonly used verbs:Jayee=want(viz. makka jayee=I want)
Yetta=come (hanv yetta=I come), (Ammi yettati=we come).
Khanvche=to eat.Hanv khatta=I eat. Ammi khattati=we eat.
Dinvche=to give, Hanv ditta=I give, Ammi dittati=we give.
Niddounche=to sleep,Hanv niddata=I sleep,Ammi niddtati=we sleep.

Commonly used words.
Hanv=I,Ammi=we, Tnu=thou, Tummi=you, He=he, Tee=she, Tna=that, Tya=they.
Hanve=byme, Ammi=by us, Tunve=by you (s),Tummi=by you(plural), Tanne=byhim, Tinne=by her,Tanni=by them.

Makka=for me, Ammka=for us, Tukka=for you, Tikka=for her, Tanka=for them.
Magele=my, Amgele=our, Tugele=your(s),Tumgele=your, Tagele=his, tigele=her, tangele=their.

Majjkhatr=forme, Amchkhatr=for us, Tujjkhatr=for you, Tumchkhatr=for you, Tajjkhatr=for him, Tijjkhatr=for her, Tanchkhatr=for them.

Majjguni=for me, Ammchguni=for us, Tujjguni=for you, Tumchguni=for you(plural),Tajjguni=for him, Tijjguni=for her, Tanchguni=for them.

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