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KONKANI-SUDIK (A website for the curious humans)

Konkani Pudhaari.

Konkani Leaders:Past and the Present:
Justice Narayanrao Chandavarkar was a High-court judge ,a reformist and President of the Indian National Congress during pre-Independence days(1900:Lahore Session) .

Shri Shenai Goembab was a great scholar and a researcher.His contribution to the development of Konkani is acknowledged by all .

Sir Vithal N.Chadavarkar was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bombay(Mumbai) and also the Mayor of Bombay.

Dr.B.P.Divgi was an M.L.A. and later served the city as the Mayor of Bombay.
ShriT.A.Pai served the people as a Minister in the Central cabinet in India.
Dr.T.M.A.Pai--a visionary par excellence.

Other Konkani luminaries:George Fernandes,Girish Karnad,Shyam Benegal,Prakash Padukone,Vijay Mallya,M.V.Kamath.(These are the names which readily come to mind).Benegal Narsing Rao,Benegal Ram Rao,Benegal Shiv Rao...

In the field of Konkani language Dr.Katre`s name is wellknown.Shri Bakibab Borkar, Dr.Manoharrai Sardesai, Shri.J.B.Sequeira, Shri.J.B.Moraes ,Shri Ravindra Kelkar are the names to reckon with.

For more information one should refer to the list of books published by the Sahitya Akademi.

Dev baren karo saglyangale! Amgele,tumgele saglyangale.

DEV sarvangelo   adhar  j avnu  aass. TAGELE smaran nityak korka.

Konkani   bhashechya pracharak  DEVVAgalechi  sahayy  aass.

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