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KONKANI-SUDIK (A website for the curious humans)

Konkani People,Konkani Institutions

Late Kamaladevi Chattopadhay  hailed from Mangalore.She was associated with  India`s freedom movement.She is best remembered for her pioneering work in the field of Handcrafts , especially  in reviving  Kalamkari form of art.Kamaladevi`s birth Centenery  was celabrated in the year 2002-2003.
KONKANI is the mother-tongue of a large number of  people hailing from West  Coast of India.It is spoken by Christians,Hindus, Muslims .Among Hindus Saraswats have contributed a great deal to the Konkani literature in recent years.
  Saraswats  have the following Maths i.e. institutions rendering religious education .
Chitrapur Math situated in Shirali in North Kannada District  and the Kavale Math situated in Kavale (Phonda-Goa)   are  the     followers of Advait Philosopphy
 The Gokarn Partagali Math situated in Partgali in Goa, and the Kashi Math are the followers of Dvait philosophy.Intermarriages  have become common among Saraswats belonging to different Maths . Rajapur Saraswats  have also joined the mainstream as a result of Vishwa-Saraswat movement, which is an attempt to bring all Saraswats closer
to render service to the nation..Some of the important Saraswats leading the movement are: Shri.S.V.Pikale,Shri Nalkur Shripad Rao, Shri. Gurudas Masurkar.
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Fish in a bowl


Dev baren karo saglyangale! Amgele,tumgele saglyangale.

DEV sarvangelo   adhar  j avnu  aass. TAGELE smaran nityak korka.

Konkani   bhashechya pracharak  DEVVAgalechi  sahayy  aass.

For prominent Chitrapur Saraswat glimpses !
SUDKOD - Glimpses [kannada script]