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KONKANI-SUDIK (A website for the curious humans)

Konkani Samuhgeet

Baren Kornu Rabbati Sagle!(All of you live in Harmony!)

Baren kornu rabbati sagle
yatn kellyari konai na duble
puro jalle attn soddun kadche
kon gore anni kon kaale!

Kon taggu anni kon waile,
kon barey anni kon wayle,
kon mukhar anni kon magle,
kon holle anni kon dhakle!

Khushalecher rabbati sagle
sarv dharm hye javle-javle,
sangat soddat manushamanshant,
vantapneman bhed hye jalle!

Moolamitichi rukak roop aayle,
khodamiti tna neeth ubrale,
surywaryanthan pannani ghyetle,
phullaphaln divnu saarthak jalle!


Mool=root,Moolamitichi=because of the roots, Khod=stem,Khodamitichi=because of the stem,Rook=tree, Rookak=to the tree, Roop=form,appearance,Aayle=came(Yenvche=to come).Neeth=erect,straight, Ubrale=stood(Ubrounche=to stand),Surya/Sury=Sun, Varyanthan=from the wind,(from the atmosphere),Vaaro=wind,breeze, Paan=leaf, Pannani=by the leaves,Ghetle=took,(Ghenvche=to take,Ghe=please take,Gheyyati=please take -plural form-,)Phul=flower,Phulln=flowers,Phal=fruit,Phaln=fruits,Divnu=by giving,(Dinvche=to give), Saarthak=fulfillment

All of you live in harmony,
if one tries no one is weak,
enough now of finding out,
who is fair and who is black!

Who is down and who is above,
who is good and who is otherwise,
who is big and who is small,
who is in front and whois behind!

All of you live happily,
all religions are like twin-brothers,
harmonise human relationships,
these distinctions-result of "Division of work" rule!

Tree got its form due to the roots,
because of the stem it stood upright
leaves took (sustainance)from the Sun and the Wind,
fulfillment-by giving flowers and fruits!

For  this poem in  Devnagari script visit Ayyoba (http;//

Baren=good, Bare kornu=harmoniously, rabbati=live,stay (plural of "Rabba"=live, from "rabbche"=tostay, to live ),Sagle=all, Yatn=efforts, Kellyari=if done (conditional form "Korche"=to do ,Kelle=did), Kon=who, konayi=anyone,Naa=no,not,Duble=plural of "Dublo"=weak)), Puro=enough!, Puro jalle=it is enough, Attn=now, Soddun kadche=to find out (Soddche=to find,to seek),Manushamansha Gore=fair,Kaale=black,dark, Taggu=down,underneath), Vaile=above, Bare/baray=good, Wayle=others,otherwise, Mukhar=in front,forward ,Magle=behind,later, Holle=big,Dhakle=small, Khushalecher=happily, sarv=all, Dharm=religion/s, Hye=these, Javle-javle=twins, Sangat=friendship,(Saangati=friend,escort),Manushamanshant=between man and man,Vantap=division,(Vantap Korche=to divide,to allocate), Neman=Niyaman=by the rule/principle, Bhed=differences,distinctions

Hi kavita saglyngelya baryakhatr saangun kellya.
(This poem is for the wellbeing of all.)

Dev Bare Karo Saglyangele !
Aamgele Tumgele Saglyangele !

Dev baren karo saglyangale! Amgele,tumgele saglyangale.

DEV sarvangelo   adhar  j avnu  aass. TAGELE smaran nityak korka.

Konkani   bhashechya pracharak  DEVVAgalechi  sahayy  aass.

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