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KONKANI-SUDIK (A website for the curious humans)

Konkani- Learn the easy way!

A poem is an expression of emotions,feelings,and thoughts based on one`s experience.It communicates.Communication effectiveness depends upon use of words,metaphors etc. on one hand and the receptiveness of the audience on the other.

Learning takes place early in life through lullabies,nursery songs, and other means.Rhythmic quality helps one to remember and recall poems .

"YEYYATI,YEYYATI" is an invocation to the people to come together ,to see what can be done to promote wellbeing and friendship among all communities by forgetting various kinds of differences:caste,creed,counties etc.People should come together for the love of KONKANI language (Official language of the state of GOA in INDIA).All should speak and write Konkani.For that purpose, one may have to exert a little.
For more, Click:Yeyyati!

Konkani ullayati! Konkanintu barayati !

Konkani can be learnt through poems.


"YEYYATI,YEYYATI" means come (all) .It is an expression used while welcoming guests,calling people to a place etc.

Dev baren karo saglyangale! Amgele,tumgele saglyangale.

DEV sarvangelo   adhar  j avnu  aass. TAGELE smaran nityak korka.

Konkani   bhashechya pracharak  DEVVAgalechi  sahayy  aass.

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